Diana Al-Hadid

By Diana Al-Hadid

$ 45.00

80 pages, fully illustrated
11.1 x 8.4 inches


Syrian-born, but raised in the U.S., Diana Al-Hadid (born 1981) is known for her gravity-defying works built from layers of gypsum, steel, cardboard, wax and paint, that integrate references to Western European and Islamic mythology. Employing motifs such as pipe organs, labyrinths and spires, her works recall Northern Renaissance painting and Gothic cathedrals, yet appear in a deteriorated state reminiscent of ruins of long past civilizations. "Ancient ruins are culturally nostalgic objects that carry with them a distinct psychological effect," she has observed. "[The] cross-cultural attraction to ruins is itself fascinating." Al-Hadid's haunting, architecturally inspired sculptures and drawings have been shown in numerous international exhibitions. By presenting her large-scale sculptures, drawings and bronzes together for the first time, this publication highlights the innovative methods through which Al-Hadid recovers influential visual histories and advances them into contemporary times.