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Know Wave Issue No. 01

By Moran Bondaroff

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KNOW WAVE is an experimental platform – a virtual and physical place for happenings and performances, translating the atmosphere of the gallery. KNOW WAVE Magazine acts as an extension of OHWOW’s community, and a physical document of KNOW WAVE’s programming. The magazine’s inaugural issue features cover artwork by Leo Fitzpatrick, and interviews with Justin Adian, Jazzie B., Jack Greer, Drew Heffron, Devonte Hynes, Lydia Lunch, Glenn O’Brien, Alex Olson, Ben Rayner, Julian Schnabel, Ethan Silverman, Josh Smith, Matt Werth, Nick van Woert, and others.

KNOW WAVE broadcasts live from its hub in New York City and features a no-format format of organic programming to include special guest hosts, book and zine launches, among other events. Intentionally built to utilize the immediacy of social media platforms, KNOW WAVE’s hosts and guests revolve around random connections that arise from OHWOW’s community of artists and friends. Recent shows include: James Cruickshank and Simonez Wolf hosting “Diners Club”; Alex Olson’s “A.O. Show”; Kembra Pfahler’s “Performance 101”; and Lucien Smith’s “Night Owl.”

“KNOW WAVE is a natural extension of OHWOW. It’s another way to continue a dialogue with our community, and to broadcast cultural schmutz.”- Aaron Bondaroff